EZone 98 G

EZone 98 G

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Nuova Yonex EZone 98 G

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Enhanced ISOMETRIC sweet spot. Unmatched comfort. Engineered for unstoppable play.

Power up your game with the new EZONE. A further enhanced ISOMETRIC sweet spot extends deep into the upper section of the racquet resulting in the largest sweet spot in the EZONE series. New HYPER-MG technology dramatically enhances snapback speed for explosive power even on difficult off-center shots and our newly designed MICRO OFFSET LAYOUT and QUAKE SHUT GEL AIR minimizes vibration and provides unmatched comfort.

Scheda tecnica

  • Lunghezza - 27
  • Sezione - 23.0mm / 24.0mm / 19.0mm
  • Peso (unstrung) - 305 g
  • Piatto corde - 98
  • Bilanciamento - 315 mm
  • Schema corde - 16x19